Act 40 of 2024 provides safeguards against abuse for Pennsylvania seniors

Pennsylvania State's 'Slayer Statute' signed into law

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A bill by state Reps. Liz Hanbidge and Paul Schemel, to protect Pennsylvania seniors from abuse, has been signed into law.


House Bill 1760 is now Act 40 of 2024.


The measure will prevent those convicted of elder abuse from profiting off their wrongdoing, the legislators said. The new law adds provisions to the commonwealth’s Slayer Statute to specifically include elder abuse.


Historically, slayer statutes prevent individuals from benefitting from the willful and unlawful killing of another with the intent to collect any benefit or acquire property as the result of the decedent’s death. Per Act 40, convicted elder abusers would be barred from benefiting from the estate of their victim. Hanbidge and Schemel noted that seniors would retain the power to transfer their personal property as they wish after death and that post-conviction reconciliation or ratification would allow elder abusers to be beneficiaries of a decedent’s estate.


“Updating Pennsylvania’s Slayer Statute to provide clear, explicit protections for senior is a straightforward yet effective way to safeguard older Pennsylvanians from abuse and exploitation,” Hanbidge said. “I’m honored to work with my colleagues in both chambers and on both sides of the aisle on this meaningful legislation to provide dignity to every Pennsylvanian in their twilight years.”


“This legislation is a commonsense measure to ensure those harming the state’s older adults aren’t benefiting financially from their conduct. It sends a message we don’t reward people for their crimes and adds a layer of protection for Pennsylvanians as they age,” Schemel said.


House Bill 1760 passed the PA House unanimously in December 2023 and unanimously in the state Senate on June 27. Gov. Josh Shapiro signed the bill into law on July 1.


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Monday, July 22, 2024




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